How iDeal Card works

It's a great value at just $25 a week

We have thousands of cardholders that love earning Reward Points by shopping and dining at iDeal Card merchants.

Each merchant decides how many Reward Points will be earned for every dollar a cardholder spends at their business.

iDeal Card supplies you with loyalty cards to hand out to your customers.

You simply swipe the loyalty card through the termianl we provide, enter the amount of purchase, then in about 3 seconds, a receipt will print showing how many Reward Points the customer earned.

When they earn 1000 Reward Points, we credit $5 iDeal Dollars to their account.

When a cardholder spends iDeal Dollars at one of our merchants, we credit the merchant the amount of the transaction in their Weekly Settlement.

The details of your Weekly Settlement, which inclue your Rewards Point debits and your iDeal Dollar credits, can be seen by logging in to the merchant portal.

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