cc iDeal Merchant - Getting Started

Merchant Terms and Conditions

The following Merchant Terms and Conditions are agreed to by iDeal Card, Inc. d/b/a iDeal Card and the Merchant named in this Merchant Application and subject to final approval by iDeal Card.

iDeal Card agrees to provide Merchant, participation in the iDeal Card - Universal Customer Loyalty marketing program as specified in this Merchant Application. In exchange, Merchant agrees to pay iDeal Card for all fees, products and services and Reward Point debits associated with the iDeal Card program. It is agreed that all debits and credits to a Merchant shall be via an automatic draft from the Merchant's bank account unless another form of payment has been agreed to by iDeal Card. An ACH return fee of $50.00 will be charged for any failure to process a payment for any reason. If Merchant becomes delinquent in any payments due, iDeal Card, at its sole discretion, may offset funds that are held by iDeal Card and payable to Merchant, and iDeal Card may cancel or suspend participation in the iDeal Card universal customer loyalty marketing program without further notice.

Merchant understands this agreement is for participation in iDeal Card's Universal Customer Loyalty marketing program for a period of no less than 6 months from the day service begins. Merchant agrees to pay an early termination fee of $500 per location if cancelled by the merchant for any reason prior to six months from the date of this agreement. Merchant acknowledges that iDeal Card will debit the merchant via ACH each week for reward points earned by cardholders at their location along with loyalty management fees charged each week by iDeal Card. Merchant agrees to accept iDeal Dollars and Promotional iDeal Dollars as payment for goods and services and that iDeal Card will credit Merchants account 100% of the iDeal Dollars redeemed and 40% of the Promotional iDeal Dollars redeemed by the Merchant.

Continued acceptance of iDeal Card means you agree to the current terms and conditions of the iDeal Card - Universal Customer Loyalty marketing program which may change from time to time and can be found at

The iDeal Card universal customer loyalty marketing program as specified in this agreement includes the following:

  • A supply of iDeal Card loyalty cards to hand out to your customers
  • Merchant advertising on and through select forms of media.
  • Access to the iDeal Card transaction network through the terminal provided
  • iDeal Dollar and Promotional iDeal Dollar participation
  • eCoupon and Reward Point participation
  • Participating Merchant door stickers and in-store displays
  • Plug and play setup, toll free training and support

Merchant agrees to prominently display a Participating Merchant Sticker and exercise best efforts to distribute iDeal Cards to all of its customers. Custom iDeal Card loyalty cards and related promotional material may be provided at an additional cost based on design and choice.
It is agreed that Merchant shall be financially responsible for all point of sale equipment loaned to Merchant by iDeal Card and that iDeal Card shall remain the owner of said equipment and all software applications and associated program supplies used or developed for the operation of this program. Merchant agrees to notify iDeal Card immediately of any loss or damage to point of sale equipment loaned to Merchant for use in the iDeal Card program.
Upon cancellation of this agreement for any reason, Merchant agrees that it will at it's own expense, return iDeal Card's point of sale equipment and related program supplies within 10 business days or be charged for replacement cost.
iDeal Card, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to edit all Merchant advertising used in conjunction with the iDeal Card program for purposes of space limitations and material content. iDeal Card is authorized to use Merchants name and logo in iDeal Card advertising.

It is the sole responsibility of each participating merchant to become aware of, and comply with, all Federal, State and Local Laws regarding letting it's customers earn and redeem reward points as well as accepting iDeal Dollars as payment for goods and services. Each party shall indemnify and hold harmless the other party, from any claims, actions, damages or cost, including attorney fees incurred because of its own negligence in connection with this agreement or the use of iDeal Card services. The laws of the State of Oklahoma, and the exclusive venue of Tulsa County, shall govern any all disputes related to, or in any manner involving this agreement.